Philippe Matignon Jade 20, Pantyhose

Philippe Matignon Jade 20


These exquisite pantyhose will give your legs a classic glossy look, perfect for wearing with your favourite skirts and dresses.

Sheer but will still smooth your legs and any imperfections.

Wide waistband to offers comfort that won't dig in and flat seams.

20 denier: 87% Polyamide, 10% Elastane, 3% Cotton

Brand is from: Italy

Colors: Black (Nero),

Sizes: Size chart 2-S (145-165 cm / 40-65 kg) 3-M (145-180 cm / 40-80 kg) 4-L (145-185 cm / 55-90 kg) 5-XL (155-185 cm / 70-100 kg)

Color & Size:
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