Sarah Borghi Xelle 20, Pantyhose

Sarah Borghi Xelle 20

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A pantyhose designed from bottom up to fit a curvy woman. Knitted with the innovative Xceptionelle fibre from Lycra and the panty part is in one piece, without an added back panel, to give you a smooth comfortable wear. Lots of extra stretch, soft waist band and flat seams.

20 Denier: 80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane, cotton gusset

Brand is from: Italy

Colors: Light brown (Camel),Black (Nero),

Sizes: 1XL (70-90kg / 150-170cm) 2XL (85-105kg / 160-180cm) 3XL (100-120kg / 170-190cm)

Color & Size:
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