DIM AbsoluFlex 40, Pantyhose

DIM AbsoluFlex 40


The perfect pantyhose for women who live life in the fast lane. Running, climbing stairs, catching the bus, AbsoluFlex moves with you and does not restrict your movements.

Ultra stretch that always returns to its original place and adapts to the movements for impeccable comfort.

With its innovative technology, the AsboluFlex pantyhose stays in place all day, whatever your movements!

40 Denier: 84% Polyamide, 16% Elastane

Brand is from: France

Colors: Noir (Noir),

Sizes: Size chart T1 (40-50kg/150-160cm) T2 (45-65kg/150-165cm) T3 (55-75kg/150-175cm) T4 (65-85kg/155-185cm)

Color & Size:
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