Philippe Matignon Nudite 20 Senza Cuciture, Pantyhose

Philippe Matignon Nudite 20 Senza Cuciture

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"Pantyhose that enhance the beauty and the natural sensuality of every woman" according to Philippe Matignon.

Seamless sheer pantyhose without gusset.

As they have no seams the pantyhose are completely invisible under pantyhose fitting dresses and give a perfect silhouette. The color Playa Nature has a great natural tan effect.

The panty part is reinforced but without seams and they are treated with silver ions to ensure a comfortable feeling all day long. At the back of the waistband is the "Philippe Matignon" logo.

20 Denier: 89% Polyamide, 11% Elastane

Brand is from: Italy

Colors: Black (Nero),Tan (Playa Nature),

Sizes: Size chart 2-S (145-165 cm / 40-65 kg) 3-M (145-180 cm / 40-80 kg) 4-L (145-185 cm / 55-90 kg)

Color & Size:
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