Philippe Matignon Cool Summer 8 Anti slip, Pantyhose

Philippe Matignon Cool Summer 8 Anti slip

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Ultra-sheer pantyhose for flawless summer legs. Perfect for spring and summer with a sheer body, comfortable flat seams, hygienic gusset. and sandal toes.

To prevent the foot from sliding in your heels they also have a non-slip sole.

8 Denier: 86% Plyamide, 14% Elastane

Brand is from: Italy

Colors: Playa Nature (Playa Nature),

Sizes: Size chart 2-S (145-165 cm / 40-65 kg) 3-M (145-180 cm / 40-80 kg) 4-L (145-185 cm / 55-90 kg) 5-XL (155-185 cm / 70-100 kg)

Color & Size:
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