Fiore Eveline Pantyhose with open toe, Pantyhose

Fiore Eveline Pantyhose with open toe

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When spring and summer is coming and the sun starts to warm you up it's really nice to wear that short skirt and open toe heels again but it can still be chilly in the shade and your legs may be as pale as ever.
Fiore Eveline is the solution. A smooth pantyhose in natural skin tones and with unique open toes.
15 Denier. 87% Polyamide, 12% Elastane, 1% Cotton (small gusset)

Brand is from: Poland

Colors: Natural (Natural),Tan (Tan),

Sizes: Size chart 2 (152-165cm/55-65kg), 3 (152-178cm/60-80kg), 4 (158-178cm/75-85kg)

Color & Size:
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