Fiore Arabesque 20, Stay-ups

Fiore Arabesque 20

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Let yourself be seduced. Sensuous stay-ups with a sexy red lace top with red exotic patterns that make you think of the orient - fancy scarves, Persian rugs and beautiful mosaics.

A sheer nude leg with invisibly reinforced toes. Knitted with double covered yarns in 3D technology for increased durability and resilience, as well as guarantee soft and smooth texture - a truly silky touch.

20 denier: 88% Polyamid, 10% Elastane, 2% Polypropylen

Brand is from: Poland

Colors: Linen/Burgundy (Linen/Burgundy),

Sizes: Size chart 2 (152-165cm/55-65kg), 3 (152-178cm/60-80kg), 4 (158-178cm/75-85kg)

Color & Size:
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