Cervin Havana, Stockings

Cervin Havana


Genuine cuban heel fully fashioned stockings made in the traditional way on original vintage machinery for the classic 1950s look and feel.
This is the cuban heel version of Cervin's classic Tentation fully fashioned stockings.
They're 15 denier, 100% non-stretch nylon.

Brand is from: France

Colors: black (Noir),

Sizes: Size chart Length/Weight 1 (145-165cm/40-55kg), 2 (152-170cm/40-60kg), 3 (163-178cm/45-70kg),4 (168-180cm/55-80kg), 5 (170-180cm/70-85kg), 6 (175-185cm/80-95kg)

Color & Size:
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