Bleuforet Pur Coton Veloute, Pantyhose

Bleuforet Pur Coton Veloute

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As smooth like velvet, these pantyhose will provide undeniable comfort.

The Lycra thread is completely surrounded by cotton so that the natural fibre is in the only part that is in contact with your skin. And with flat comfortable seams.

97% Cotton, 3% Lycra

Brand is from: France

Colors: Grey (Gris),Navy (Marine),Black (Noir),

Sizes: Size chart 1-S (150-160 cm / 45-55 kg) 2-M (150-170 cm / 50-65 kg) 3-L (160-180 cm / 55-75 kg) 4-XL ()

Color & Size:
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